Pernamcubanos brings to the cinema the musical, cultural and religious relationship between Pernambuco and Cuba.

Two countries, one nation. That’s the headline of Pernamcubanos: the Carribbean that unites us (original title: Pernamcubanos: o Caribe que nos une), documentary written and directed by Nilton Pereira. The movie discusses the cultural, musical and religious similarities between two regions of African origins: Pernambuco, situated in northeast of Brazil, and Cuba. Through the eyes of a Cuban theater director, Fatima Patterson, and a Brazilian yalorixá (a female priest in an Afro-Brazilian religion), Bete de Oxum, we start to discover what brings together and what differentiates those two regions.

Shot in high-definition, the movie introduces us to folkloric groups, popular manifestations like Carnival and even rap and hip hop artists. Pernamcubanos is a portrait of the cultural Caribbean that goes beyond geographical boundaries.

Pernamcubanos in BrasilCine

You can check out Pernamcubanos on Saturday, October 27th at 14:00, at Zita Folkets Bio.

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