Kill me please

Sun 09/10 20:00 - Zita Folkets Bio - Biljetter

A serial killer tortures Rio, a group of middle class girls is afraid of becoming victims, yet the murders fascinate them in a tantalizing way. Feminist societal critique with a vibrant cinematic narratology in this prize-winning debut film that spells out contemporary pop culture’s paradoxical relationship to sexual violence.

Born in Rio de Janeiro. Anita directed three short films prior to her feature (The Noon Vampire, Handball and The Living Dead), all three selected for several festivals in Brazil and abroad. Kill Me Please, her first feature, is an assembly of ideas and stylistic elements embedded into her previous short films.

Original title: Mate-me por favor
Director: Anita Rocha da Silveira
Length: 101 min
Genre: Drama
Age: 15 years
Subtitled: English
Language: Portuguese