The History of Eternity

Thu 06/10 18:00 - Zita Folkets Bio - Biljetter

In a small village in the hinterland, three stories of love and desire are changing the emotional landscape of its residents. Characters of a romanesque world in which their conceptions of life are limited on one side by human instincts and on the other side by a blind and fatalist fate.

Camilo graduated as a journalist at the Federal University of Pernambuco. Writer, director and producer since 1996, he has a prolific list of awarded films including The History of Eternity, with 20 awards worldwide. He has also directed TV series, art installations and theater.

Original title: A História da Eternidade
Director: Camilo Cavalcante
Length: 120 min
Genre: Drama
Age: 15 years
Subtitled: English
Language: Portuguese