Xingu Cariri Caruaru Carioca

Sun 09/10 10:30 - Zita Folkets Bio - Biljetter

The starting point is the meeting of worlds that are both distinct and intertwined, ”popular” and ”pop” culture. Carlos Malta looks for the roots of Pife, a traditional Brazilian flute. During the time he discovers its diverse contexts and a mutual dependence between tradition and modernity in music.

Beth is a director, writer and documentarian from Minas Gerais. With a degree in History and specialization in documentary and audiovisual research she’s worked as a producer and researcher for other documentarians such as Eduardo Coutinho. A feature and a short film of her were selected for BrasilCine.

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Original title: Xingu Cariri Caruaru Carioca
Director: Beth Formaggini
Length: 92 min
Genre: Documentary
Age: 15 years
Subtitled: English
Language: Portuguese